Friday, July 22, 2011

The Beach

This is where mom and dad went on their vacation in a place called Kitty Hawk.  Do you see any kitties in this picture?  I sure don't!  They had a really nice time and relaxed a lot on their vacation and I was very happy when they came home.

Have a happy rest of the summer!


  1. Have a Happy Summer to you all, too!!
    ((((((HUGGGGSSSSSS)))))) from your TX furiends,

  2. We lovez you Trixie!!! Tanks so much fur da kind wordsez when da Auntie Stinkie wents to da Bridge & finally waz reunited with he Bounce.
    Weeze gotted someone here who iz likes a itty bitty YOU. Her name iz Ella & she justed came to livez with us.

  3. Enjoy the hot weather Trixie. Take lots of naps.

    Emma and Buster