Monday, October 22, 2012

A Little Catch-Up

I thought about doing a catch-up since we haven't been on the computer very much lately.

Lets see, first of all the grown up girl bean and those two cats of hers moved out.  I finally got all my favorite sleeping and hanging out places all to myself again and I am one happy girl-cat.  Now if I can get those two outside cats to stop cutting across my back yard!!

We finally broke down and got a new laptop so that we can blog again.  The old one had some major issues and mom said lots of bad words when she had to use it.

Well, that's all our news. What's going on with you?


  1. Trixie, our angel Annie certainly would understand your desire to be an only kitty! Good for you, for having the place to yourself again.

    We're sure your mom will appreciate the new laptop. Of course, she won't have any excuse not to blog now!

  2. Hi Trixie! We saw your comment over at Laila and Minchie's blog and wanted to stop by to send our purrrs :)
    Sherlock,Ash and Traveler

  3. So happy your secretary got the new laptop and you are blogging once again!

  4. So nice to hear from your update, Trixie~
    I miss you and so happy to have your comment on my blog.
    We haven't visit friends for a while, lately back started again,
    Michico is getting busy and busy, but I told her we can't disconnect my furry friend~

    So happy to know you have new laptop,
    that is wonderful~!!!

  5. Hi Trixie!

    Sorry to hear about your alien cat problem. That used to happen to us at our old house. Very annoying, yes?

  6. We're glad to hear the good news from your house!

  7. I can imagine that you are happy to be alone again and only cat ! It's nice for a while but not for too long, lol !

  8. Just dropping by dear Trixie. We missed you.

    Emma and Buster

  9. Oh Trixie!! We are so glad to see you!! Come on over and play on our Porch with Me & Clemmie!!
    Lots of hugs,