Thursday, September 8, 2011

My New Box!

 We got this great new box. It's so big!

First I must thoroughly check it out. It has lots of great new smells on it.

Yep, it's good and sturdy too.

 I like it even better on this side of the room near my scratchy pad and toys.

Yes, I think this box will do just fine!


  1. Pawsome box! Can we join you in there?

  2. Oh what a fun Box Trixie!! Do you mind if I coam for a visit while my Mom and dad are on Vacation?
    Your TX furiend,

  3. It must have been an early present. Happy Gotcha Day, Trixie.

  4. Hi Trixie! Sorry we havn't visited you lately. That's a pretty cool box you have. Ask your human to put a blanket in it to make it extra cozy!!

  5. Samantha, Clementine and Maverick mentioned your blog in a comment on the Cat Blogosphere, so we came to say hi! We've added your blog to our Google Reader subscriptions so we can keep up with your adventures.

    In our house, a box is fair game to be "eaten" by Nicki! :-)

    -Nicki, Derry and mom Kim at Fuzzy Tales

  6. Happy Gotcha Day Trixie. That is a nice big new box. Much better than the silly little box we got today.

  7. Happy Gotcha Day Trixie. What a great box! Plenty of room to roam around in and find the right spot.

    Laura and Taffy

  8. Happy Gotcha Day Trixie! We are glad we found your new blog. Hope you have a great day and still have that brilliant box

    Oliver & Gerry

  9. Happy Gotcha Day Trixie!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie