Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Holidays

Hi everyone!  I've been away for a while and missed everyone a lot.  The momster is still real busy at work and she can't blog there anymore either.
With no further ado, here is a picture of our Christmas Tree.  It is not a real tree but it is pretty and shiny and I like it.
One of the funnest things about the Holidays are boxes! We do a lot of internet shopping and boxes have been arriving just about every day.

Chilling in my latest box.

Gotta check out all the great crackly paper inside!

Give it a couple of good chomps, hmm tastes pretty good if a little dry.

Oops, where did this picture come from?? 
Caught snooping in the momster's drawer.


  1. It HAS been a while since we've seen you! Glad everyone is okay, just busy.

    Your tree is lovely, and it doesn't even appear to be tied to anything. (Ours is tied to a ceiling plant hook...just in case.)

    And you get boxes every day? Wow! We're lucky if we get a few boxes during the whole year!

    Happy holidays to you all!

  2. We're glad you're doing well, even if the human staff is not paying as much attention to you as necessary. Happy holidays to all from all of us Good Cats!

  3. Hi Trixie!! We miss you lots, too!! Have a wonderful Merry Christmas!!
    Your TX furiends,

  4. Hi ya, Trixie! It's so nice to see you! We've missed you! That sure is a pretty tree. Have you tried climbing it yet?? Ernie climbs ours all the time!